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Food & Beverage and Hospitality Jobs in Barcelona

Hospitality jobs in Barcelona are abundant thanks to the popularity and affordable nature of travel in Spain. Spain and the hospitality industry offer talents good opportunities and high quality of life. Though the region uses Catalan as the primary language, Spanish is widely spoken. Many working in the hospitality and service industries can also be heard speaking English or French, as Barcelona is considered the most international city in Spain.

A Cultural Centre for Multilingual Speaking Talents

Barcelona is a great location to establish a career in the hospitality industry. The improving jobs industry in Spain encourages people to join the hospitality industry, and the added jobs will bring positive results to hotels and restaurants. Job seekers can apply to openings in the industry through Hosco, which features jobs in many sectors including marketing, operations, and service. Hospitality jobs in Barcelona offer talents the opportunity to work with a Spanish chain with an international presence, global hotel groups & independent properties, whether in an entry level or manager position.

Barcelona Hospitality and the Job Search

The creative and vibrant vibe of the city combined with the renowned lifestyle of the Spanish make the city a great host to expats and tourists alike. Barcelona provides a good view of the Spanish lifestyle. Hospitality jobs in Barcelona value candidates who can speak English, especially in host positions that include concierge and guest relations. Recruitment for hospitality jobs spans across all disciplines, from sales and marketing to bars and restaurants. The management style of many Spanish companies may be different than other European countries, as there is sometimes a heavier emphasis on the social aspect. When you join the Hosco network, you can find a job in hospitality and tourism and specifically search for hospitality jobs in Barcelona.